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April 2019

When dealing with your digital marketing strategies, there is a lot to keep in mind. It can get horribly overwhelming to keep track of all of it. So we have created a handy dandy Survival Guide with information, tips, and resources for your digital marketing needs. Importance of NAP and Accuracy of Citations Wrong information means mislead customers. Update your citations everywhere if any information changes. It might be worth it to get a tool or a paid service to make sure your details are always up to date – you don’t want to lose customers because they couldn’t get a hold

The nimble nature of small businesses most often lends them certain advantages over larger ones, due to their size and flexibility. One such advantage is the capability to offer customers a unique and personalized experience. Even with automated systems and multiple touchpoints, a small business is less likely to be saturated with a high volume of customers and/or corporate bureaucracies that sometimes – not always – get in the way of quality over quantity in serving their customers. Even so, a personalized experience doesn’t just mean being nice. It requires digging a little deeper, getting to know your customers, and providing

Generating leads starts with building a rapport. Meeting people face-to-face is undeniably better when it comes to starting conversations and nurturing relationships. But for this to work, you need to be amongst the right people. If you’re a frequent traveler who participates in several events, this could really work out for you. But what happens when you don’t get to travel as much? If you’re busy and not able to attend events? It’s the same case with referrals from family and your circle of friends. Once they run out of people to talk to about your business, your leads count will plateau. Also,

  An average customer has already completed 57% of their buying journey before the first engagement with the sales rep. In other words, by the time a customer is even added to your CRM, they would have completed more than half of their buying journey. So, unless your business has a hand in the initial 57% of the journey – in helping him make the buying decision, the chances of you closing the sale will be drastically reduced. That is where a marketing automation software can help A marketing automation software helps in automating and analyzing your marketing efforts so that you can be

  So, you’ve got your wordpress all set up, the design looks rad, your pagespeed is breaking the  google speedometer, social medial plugins check. You’re all ready blog away to glory, so what’s your blocker?  Can’t think of what to write about? Well, fret no more, for we have for you below a huge list of 111 blog and other content ideas for your local business. Explore ideas from a  range of generic ideas which all sorts of businesses can use, to all original business-specific ideas. General Content Ideas for All Businesses 1. What’s going on here? Thou shalt piggyback on all those local events happening around you. Sports is

  In today’s rapidly changing world of Local SEO, it is going to take a lot more than just ranking on Google if you want to get noticed! If your customers cannot find your business through their smartphones, or on their voice-search device then you know you’re going to lose them. Exploring your ways outside Google also acts as a shield for your business against unprecedented changes. If you wondering what can be done? Then this post will help with just that. We asked veterans from the local SEO industry for their local SEO tips beyond Google, and this is what they had

  Ask a baby boomer how to get to the grocery store that’s closest to you, and they’ll likely give you directions to it. Ask a millennial the same thing, and they’ll just ask you to Google it. Breaking a habit is hard, especially if you’ve grown up doing something that’s as convenient as searching for something that you don’t know on a mobile device. Reports from Google state that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information, and why wouldn’t they, right? You can search for all kinds of information online these days, and it can get as