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When dealing with your digital marketing strategies, there is a lot to keep in mind. It can get horribly overwhelming to keep track of all of it. So we have created a handy dandy Survival Guide with information, tips, and resources for your digital marketing needs. Importance of NAP and Accuracy of Citations Wrong information means mislead customers. Update your citations everywhere if any information changes. It might be worth it to get a tool or a paid service to make sure your details are always up to date – you don’t want to lose customers because they couldn’t get a hold

If you’re interested in maximizing the return you get from your marketing efforts, elevating your video marketing game is the target you need to aim for. Video has become extremely relevant to digital marketing, with 76% of marketers saying that video alone helped to increase traffic to their websites. Video also has a proven track record with social media marketing, earning billions of views each day on just Facebook alone. While it’s obvious that video is great for captivating and engaging audiences, businesses aren’t always sure how to naturally integrate video marketing into the existing content strategy. Fortunately, it’s become