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Here is an explained overview of why keyword stuffing should be avoided. Optimizing web pages to ace the game of search engines which includes Google is an essential part to get traction on the website, but there needs to be a concerted tactic that needs to be put into place. One of the first thoughts which might cross your mind is the fact that if keywords play an essential role why not stuff the entire article on a single page with all the relevant and searchable keywords. This is what should be avoided at all costs – and here in this

Benefits Of Social Media Nowadays, the most important element of Marketing, for any business, is having a social media presence. Once you start networking and establish yourself on all social platforms, it becomes easier for you to put out your product and eliminate competitors. Networking on different social platforms and having a brand presence will enable your brand to be found easily by your target audience. Here are a few benefits of social media that you may want to keep in mind before starting your own brand page on social media: Establish A Brand Presence: Merely having a website may not

In today’s day and age of the magnified significance of digital media, it is very important for your brand/website to reach the right audience and more importantly leave a lasting impact. We not only facelift your brand but are a 360-degree marketing and branding platform. Let’s discuss how we'd make this possible. Are you innovative with respect to building your brand? We’re here to assist you. We endeavour to revolutionize your brand/product and it’s existence in the world of digital media by chalking out a targeted strategy. The elements of brand amplification in keeping a 360-degree growth and exposure of the

Smush Pro should help resolve all 4 Google PageSpeed Insights image specific recommendations: Efficiently encode images Defer offscreen images Properly size images Serve images in next-gen formats If you’re still seeing any of those in your tests then below are the Smush Pro features you should setup to resolve each PageSpeed recommendation: *Links go to their documentation sections. Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats Resolved by: Smush Pro’s CDN Simply enable our CDN and ensure the “WebP Conversion” setting is enabled and all your images will be served up in WebP format. Properly Size Images Resolved by: Smush Pro’s CDN Another for the Smush CDN. You could resize

Things are not what they were years ago. Hey, things are not even what they were a year ago! Life is currently so fast-paced that a year feels like only a couple of months. And this year, in 2019, ignoring social media is a definite no-no for any business, local or otherwise. Social media simply cannot be ignored. There are more than 3 billion active users right now! This isn’t the first time I have expressed the importance of local and social. I know – you’re wondering why the #QueenofLocalSEO is talking to you about social media. Did you know that social media platforms

When dealing with your digital marketing strategies, there is a lot to keep in mind. It can get horribly overwhelming to keep track of all of it. So we have created a handy dandy Survival Guide with information, tips, and resources for your digital marketing needs. Importance of NAP and Accuracy of Citations Wrong information means mislead customers. Update your citations everywhere if any information changes. It might be worth it to get a tool or a paid service to make sure your details are always up to date – you don’t want to lose customers because they couldn’t get a hold

The nimble nature of small businesses most often lends them certain advantages over larger ones, due to their size and flexibility. One such advantage is the capability to offer customers a unique and personalized experience. Even with automated systems and multiple touchpoints, a small business is less likely to be saturated with a high volume of customers and/or corporate bureaucracies that sometimes – not always – get in the way of quality over quantity in serving their customers. Even so, a personalized experience doesn’t just mean being nice. It requires digging a little deeper, getting to know your customers, and providing

Generating leads starts with building a rapport. Meeting people face-to-face is undeniably better when it comes to starting conversations and nurturing relationships. But for this to work, you need to be amongst the right people. If you’re a frequent traveler who participates in several events, this could really work out for you. But what happens when you don’t get to travel as much? If you’re busy and not able to attend events? It’s the same case with referrals from family and your circle of friends. Once they run out of people to talk to about your business, your leads count will plateau. Also,