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Search Engine OptimizeSmush Pro Google PageSpeed Insight Tips

Smush Pro Google PageSpeed Insight Tips

Smush Pro should help resolve all 4 Google PageSpeed Insights image specific recommendations:

  • Efficiently encode images
  • Defer offscreen images
  • Properly size images
  • Serve images in next-gen formats
  • If you’re still seeing any of those in your tests then below are the Smush Pro features you should setup to resolve each PageSpeed recommendation:

*Links go to their documentation sections.

Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats

Resolved by: Smush Pro’s CDN

Simply enable our CDN and ensure the “WebP Conversion” setting is enabled and all your images will be served up in WebP format.

Properly Size Images

Resolved by: Smush Pro’s CDN

Another for the Smush CDN. You could resize all your images individually yourself, but why do that when you can enable “Automatic resizing” and every image you have will be perfectly resized in one-click!

And don’t worry about your images, the originals remain untouched – you can disable the CDN to revert everything back to pre-CDN state in the unlikely situation that an issue arises.

Defer Offscreen Images

Resolved by: Lazy Loading

Enable Lazy Loading and your images won’t load until they are actually needed 🙂 saving you precious seconds on the initial page load time.

Efficiently Encode Images

Resolved by: Super Smush, Bulk Smush, Automatic Compression and Directory Smush

Google checks to make sure your images are properly compressed. Turning on Super Smush and Bulk Smushing all your existing images will ensure you pass this check with flying colors!

If you have any images displayed on your site that aren’t from your media library, such as from your theme or plugin folders, then use Directory Smush.

Enable Automatic Compression so all future images added to your site get Super Smushed.

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