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Current Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022

Current Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022

In the realm of marketing and advertising, social media has been a game-changer. While it provides organizations with a plethora of methods to contact customers, the most astute marketers keep a close eye on new trends that emerge on various social media platforms in order to figure out how to incorporate them into their digital marketing strategies before others do.


  1. Social Commerce


Social commerce isn’t new, but it’s set to take over social media this year. Customers want to enjoy memorable experiences in locations where they currently spend time. More brands will test shoppable features across all platforms. The social sale will be at the forefront of smart social marketing, from shop buttons to livestreams to advertisements to influencers.


  1. Customer Service Through Social Media


Relationship development and client service will be at the forefront of social marketing. Marketers must return to leveraging social media as a means of communication and connection. Even with paid content, organic interaction is difficult. In 2022, there is a potential for businesses to return to leveraging social platforms for customer service, which is how many brands acquired a following in the past.


  1. Social Selling And Interactive Elements


In social media marketing, we will see computer vision applications, augmented reality, and virtual reality emerge. People want an immersive experience, thus they’ll resort to social media for longer-form information rather than the conventional short-form stuff. Organizations might use interactive tours, self-guided exams, or real-time product demos to embrace social selling.


  1. The Metaverse And New Digital Entities


In the metaverse, new digital worlds, currencies, and social platforms are being formed and shaped. As this mostly unexplored region becomes more widespread, promoting nonfungible tokens and minting brand-building loyalty assets will become increasingly attractive.


  1. Social Media Campaigns Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


In 2022, we can expect AR and VR to take off, particularly in the consumer sector. As a result, marketers should consider using the technology into their social media initiatives. It will provide customers a virtual preview of how a product would seem in real life, as well as improve customer experience and engagement.


  1. Recruiting Through Next-Generation Social Media Platforms


As more Gen-Zers enter the workforce, social media campaigns must adapt to meet their needs on the channels they choose. Employer branding and recruiting on next-generation social platforms like TikTok will be crucial for both B2C and B2B in 2022. While TikTok videos aren’t overtly branded, they’re a terrific way to humanize your brand and provide employees a behind-the-scenes look at how things work at your firm.


  1. Companies That Show Their Human Side


Being human on social media is something that should never go out of style. In their social feeds, consumers are evaluating more than just a brand’s products. They’re looking at how well a brand’s purpose, mission, and social concerns are matched. Marketers could take advantage of this trend and utilize social media to show off their brand’s personality and viewpoint.


  1. A Focus On Giving Back And Discovering Greater Meaning


In the year 2022, social media activities will focus on giving back and finding greater purpose. You’ll see an uptick in charity emphasis on social media, from highlighting local organizations to promoting donations on Thanksgiving and beyond!


  1. Accountability


More customers are using social media platforms to hold brands and organizations responsible for customer service, goods, and promises they’ve made via “receipts.” Maintaining legitimacy and accountability may be as simple as keeping an eye on the dialogue surrounding your brand and developing an honest and true reaction strategy.


  1. Using Live Video To Engage Younger Generations


As a fresh approach to engage with customers, brands are turning to live video. Brands have previously utilized social media to distribute content and photos. However, because Millennials and Gen-Zers have shorter attention spans, this tactic is doomed to failure. Marketers should take advantage of these two generations by delivering a more engaging platform for them.




These are the 10 most talked about trends of 2022. Social Media is an industry that constantly changes. From different features to an entirely new user experience, these platforms never stay still. It’s up to marketers to stay alert and take advantage of these new emerging trends in order to capture the audience’s attention.