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9 ways to wow users with home page design

9 ways to wow users with home page design

How to attract an audience has been a million dollar question since times immemorial, whether it’s the good old town criers or in recent times, as we like to say, website engagement. One of the silent killers of any firm is their online engagement, even after their vivacious content and professionally designed websites; many companies simply fail to make their presence on the Web World felt – with so much as to get hundred or thousand visitors a month. So let us not rub our noses in disdain and believe that speaking volumes through the white screen is not doable.

Out of all the platitudes of references one could give, let’s take the example of a tree, where the roots is what holds the tree in a place like an anchor and needs continual nourishment to achieve overall growth. Same is the nature of homepage of your website. It is probably the most important page of your website. If a book is judged by its cover, then the homepage is your cover. The homepage is the digital face of your business, and it is crucial that the visitors get to know what you’re selling just by looking at your homepage.

What are they getting their selves into?

Tell your audience what is your product, your objective. Include your company branding – logo, tagline and relevant details.

The language of the audience

Understand and know the language of your audience and talk in their self-interest. This way, they’ll connect with you and make their first opinion.

Avoid ads and spam

If your homepage is filled with marketing content, links and redirecting sites then you can rest assured your viewer is getting vexed by it.

CTAs should be on-point

Make good calls to actions in your website to encourage higher click-through rates and effective conversion.

Mobile-friendly websites

Most of the audience uses Internet on the go, which means through a phone or a tablet – make the most out of it.

Static is no more the game

Keep changing your website homepage addressing to the needs, problems and various other propositions.

Don’t speak too much

Keep it gorgeous, crisp and most of all, informative. If they have too much to read, their knee-jerk reaction would be to hit the ‘back button’

Overall design

A well-designed homepage should inculcate a coming together of layout, CTA placements, white placements, colors, content and other supporting elements.

Easy to navigate

Your homepage should be the gateway of your virtual business – make it creative, keep it simple and play it smooth.

Final Words

Give your user an experience that they have entered a whole-new world and make that world a place that they never want to leave. Creating a total package website is a tough nut to crack, but once you get the audience to like your website it is a huge trade-off.