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Why Voice Search Is Key to the Future of SEO

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Why Voice Search Is Key to the Future of SEO

Imagine for a minute a world where Internet search boxes are viewed as archaic. It seems impossible, but we should all know by now that in the rapidly changing world of technology, it’s always smart to expect the unexpected.

Actually, the idea that the days of typing queries into search engines being a thing of the past isn’t so farfetched. Take for example, that there are already over a billion voice searches initiated each month, and it’s estimated that in just 2 short years, at least 50% of searches will be voice.  Voice search is changing how users interact with search engines even as we speak.

This means that as a business today, it isn’t just smart to be looking at how voice search is affecting SEO – it’s essential. When we look towards the horizon of the future of search, voice is the first thing we see.

Here’s what you need to know about why voice is so important in the future of search engine optimization.

Voice Is Human

When you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense that voice usage is such a hot topic right now. Voice is easy, it’s intuitive and natural.

In other words – it’s human.

We’ve been talking for far longer than we’ve been typing, so everything about voice is more intuitive to the way we interact with each other. It’s only natural that when given a choice, users choose to speak rather than type.

Plus, voice gets the job done faster. Maybe you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of focus on instant gratification in the world of SEO. Users aren’t willing to wait more than a couple of seconds for a site to load, their attention spans are shorter, and they’ve become accustomed to instant communication.

Basically, we’ve become impatient, and because most of us can speak faster than we type, voice search fits in perfectly with the “faster is better” mindset.

Why Voice Search Matters to Your Business

We’ve seen small and local businesses be slow to adapt to trends in digital marketing because they don’t feel that they really matter to them. This is an unfortunate perspective because when it comes connecting with local audiences, voice search dominates.

We can start with the fact that voice search is 3 times more likely to be used in local searches. What happens to your local SEO strategy if you’re not optimized for voice searches?

It goes right down the drain.

There really isn’t anything cryptic about tapping into the future of voice search. It’s all about doing what it takes to engage with your customers. Leveraging voice search is about learning how to connect with your customers in a new way by providing them with the information they’re looking for as they initiate voice searches.

In the end, voice search elevates the customer experience and that is why it’s so important to the future of small businesses. If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to learn about voice and how to optimize it in your SEO strategy. We offer the SEO services that make it impossible to not stand out among the competition. Contact Ola Moana Marketing today and discover what voice search optimization can do for you.