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Why a Great Design Is Only Half the Task?

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Why a Great Design Is Only Half the Task?

Why a Great Design Is Only Half the Task?

On any visually interactive project, there are three types of people:

  • The ones who decide to make something for their brand
  • The ones who conceptualize and design stuff
  • And the ones who code it in the language computer and the internet understands

Visual appeal. It is undeniably the most important aspect of the any project. After all, businesses create websites and applications for real people, people who will be overwhelmed by the colors, shapes, and typography.

So when we see a great design, it’s human to judge that the task is complete.

However, the third type of people- those who code the design, often get neglected in the picture. Most people do not understand why it development is so critical to the project. Businesses are so obsessed with the design that they forget it should perform rather than being good-looking imagery.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

Responsiveness across Multiple Screens and Devices
Responsive designs are customary today. It is only obvious that users do not have the time and patience to adjust their screen on computer and mobile devices. Once the responsive designs were introduced, it changed the web game big time and today there is no looking back.

However, it is important to realize that creating response design takes considerable amount of coding and testing in the development phase. Apart from the good looks, seamless performance is what will engage the users.

Replicating Visual Aspect for the Internet
Websites and applications have to face the real-world challenges of loading time, internet speed, and performance lags eventually. What might work perfectly in your office will not work the same way for an end user sitting thousands of miles away with tenth of your internet speed? Businesses have to take consider these instances.

This is where development becomes so important. Web development process includes creating the same design look and feel without compromising on the loading quality. It is a difficult balance to maintain given the icons, imagery, graphics, videos and other aspects selected in the design.

Security-Just As Important
This might not be as important for a normal four-page website planned as a web visiting card. However, companies dealing with big data, personally identifiable information (PII), and have to follow compliance and security procedures.

Seasoned developed take care of best security practices during the software development life cycle (SDLC) to find weaknesses and patching them before that final release. Make sure that your development process caters to security aspect too.

The Ideal Approach
So, what is the ideal approach to getting the product work for you? Unlike social media, you have great control over website and apps. Make sure that the development phase gets equal time and importance as designing. Look at the flow, test how it works and feels across various platforms and devices. Here are some of the other development tips that can help.

Phase gets equal time and importance as designing. Look at the flow, test how it works and feels across various platforms and devices. Here are some of the other development tips that can help.

Work with developers or companies that understand what you seek. It is also advisable to communicate the requirements clearly to avoid surprises in the end.

While there is always this urge to control and oversee how things are going, let developer finish their task before providing feedback. Experts know there work and like to finish task before showing it to the clients.