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9 Tools and Apps to Help You Find Amazing Content

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9 Tools and Apps to Help You Find Amazing Content

Amazing Content is king. As a marketer and business owner, I hear this almost every single day – and I’m sure you do too. Truth be told, it’s the context of the content that’s really important. You need to find and share content that will either entertain, inspire, educate or convince your audience with each piece you put out.

That being said, it can often be difficult to discover and curate a steady stream of shareable articles, videos and infographics. The web is a big place, and knowing where to start searching is often half the battle.

Below I’ve listed 9 awesome apps, tools, and websites which can help you discover new content. Each of the platforms should offer itself as a starting point from which you can build your social media calendar.

1. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is one of the best apps for finding content – particularly if you’re active on Twitter. If you follow numerous accounts that are relevant in your industry, the content provided by Nuzzel is invaluable.

The app connects with your Twitter feed, and shows you the most shared content from users you follow. If you don’t follow accounts relevant to your industry, don’t worry – Nuzzel also lets you see the most shared content from the followers of other users.

So for example, if you wanted to see what real estate news is trending, you could go and look at a real estate influencers’ feed on the app. It’s a great way to stay on top of the latest news.

2. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds and recommends content to users. All you have to do is select a few interests, and hit the ‘Stumble’ button and the platform will show you pages relevant to your interests.

StumbleUpon is great at finding unique, share-worthy content. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your content curation, it can be very helpful.

3. Reddit

Reddit is the front page of the Internet, and it’s a great place to find content. Subreddits enable users to browse different topics – everything from DIY to World News has a subreddit where users post and upvote the best content. Take a look at the subreddits and subscribe to those that are the hottest in your industry. This way, when you log into Reddit, your front page will be full of content specific to you.

Tip: Reddit can also be a great place to share your own unique content. If you’re active on the platform and get familiar with some of the subreddits, submitting tasteful (not spammy) links can be a great way to get more traffic to your website.  

4. Digg

A news aggregator, Digg focuses on articles that are getting the most shares around the web. The platform is particularly good for finding technology, science, and entertainment news, and even enables you to get notifications as to what’s being shared the most in your social networks with Digg Deeper notifications.

If you’re looking for the most popular content to show up in your inbox, Digg is a great platform to use.

5. Feedly

Feedly is one of the most powerful tools on this list, enabling users to subscribe to multiple news feeds and create custom segments that they can follow. Feedly makes it easy to keep track of different types of news, and even to monitor popular news stories based on topics.

Desktop, iOS, and Android apps are all available with Feedly, and with a plethora of integrations -like Pocket and Buffer – Feedly truly can be your central hub for content curation.

6. Daily by Buffer

Buffer launched the Daily app as a way for users to find more shareable content, and it works very well. The app shows users popular articles in one of 6 categories: ‘Marketing’, ‘Inspiration’, ‘Business & Startups’, ‘Lifehacking’, ‘Design’, and ‘Buffer Picks’. Then, the app cycles through articles and headlines in a Tinder-style dance, making scheduling content super easy.

7. Quora

Aiming to be the #1 question and answer site online, Quora enables its users to ask and answer questions. The community is growing, and it can be a great place to find unique content. Questions come in all shapes and sizes, and cover virtually every topic imaginable.

8. Google Alerts

If you have a certain phrase, company, or anything else you’d like to monitor in Google search results, setting up Google Alerts is a great option. Google Alerts will notify you daily of any new search results including your keyword, and send the info straight to your inbox. It’s a great way to monitor articles mentioning both you and your company.

9. Pocket

Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket can be a life saving tool when it comes to curating content – it may, in fact, be the most important tool on this list. After you’ve tried out each of the above platforms, one of the most challenging tasks is organizing your content. This is where we highly recommend using Pocket, as part of the three-step content plan. Save everything to Pocket, and use the app’s ‘Recommendations’ feature to find more content that you can share with your audience.

Think of this app as your ever-present content bank.