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Website Maintenance


There are many reasons why you should keep up your WordPress website maintenance and kept up to date on a regular basis. Both visitors and Google want to see new content happening on your site do build trust and to show your pages and website is still active. Below we will breakdown each section to outline the importance of website maintenance for your business online.

For Google

Google earns its money and reputation by delivering the best set of possible results for a users search query. The better the set of results Google displays the user for their search term, the higher chance the user will come back and use Google again, then signup for a free Gmail account where they can start introducing them to targeted advertising, this is where they make their money!

Now, for Google to display the best set of websites on the first page for a users search term they must take in to consideration a huge amount of ranking factors used within a very very complex algorithm.

One of these main ranking factors is how fresh and updated individual web pages are within a website. Please note this is not the only ranking factor to get on the first page of Google! If your web pages are regularly being updated with fresh, new content and your website, if you haven’t got one yet look at our low cost WordPress website design services to get you online, is expanding to new great, new content (eg, blogs, products, portfolio etc), Google will look more favorably towards your site over a website that hasn’t been touched for over a year.

This doesn’t really matter if they have performed any type of SEO, Google will always reward websites that have new information every time they crawl a site over a site that may have a little offsite SEO performed but hasn’t been updated for along time.

As mentioned before, Google needs to display the best set of results possible in order to make money. So imagine if they rank a website that hasn’t been updated in say, 2 years, and lets say for arguments sake they sell iPhone cases. 2 years ago they may have had all the latest cases available on the market. Today, there are chargeable cases, cases that do not even need to be plugged in to charge, selfie light cases… the list is endless now!

So when a user searches for an iPhone case would they display a site that has website updates with all the latest products available or would they rank a website that has outdated products that nobody really searches for? They would rank websites that has all the latest products available because that’s what the user wants to see.

I know this sounds really far fetched that Google understands latest products, but the amount of data they collect from user search trends is amazing. Google understands what you want to buy better than you do! So, of course they are going to display websites that contain the latest products because the website owner has updated their website regularly using eCommerce website management services UK & product update packages to deliver the user with the most up to date product information and prices. That’s what the user wants to see.

For Visitors

This one is probably more important than website maintenance for Google as it’s the visitors that will buy your products or services, not Google. This is really important why website maintenance should play a huge role with your Internet marketing, after all a website can generate 90-100% of new and recurring business for your company.

Websites should be treated like an asset for your business. Its more valuable then any salesman, piece of equipment or any product. ‘What!’ I hear your scream at your screen? If you look at it this way, business websites are a gateway for the user to your business, which is always open 24/7 and is always available when required. This gateway allows the visitor to find out any information about your company, product or service and come back to it whenever they like to check this information.

So how does website maintenance help a visitor decide if they want to contact you or make a purchase through a website? Imagine if you visit a website and they want to buy a new case for their phone. On the landing page they visit they will want to see all the modern tech instantly. What happens if they look through your web pages and website and they cannot find what they are looking for? All they can see is out of date tech?

You may sell the latest products over the phone for example, but if its not on your website the visitor will just go elsewhere. This will happen to every visitor that will come to your site, that’s why a professional WordPress website management services UK & management packages is imperative for your business online so they can see you are always updating and putting some effort into the website. Building trust with clients is hard enough without making it difficult for yourself by not maintaining your website.

You can see from all the above points how important using a reliable, trustworthy WordPress website maintenance services UK & web management is for attracting new/repeat search traffic and creating online sales.