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Hotel Social Media Marketing

Hotel Social Media Marketing

Social Media is here to stay and should form part of a hotels marketing strategy. If you have never used a social media tool like Facebook or Twitter in your marketing campaign now is the time to start. Social media platforms provide everyone in the world with a voice and an audience and to either promote your Hotel positively or negatively. It has become an essential part of peoples’ digital life, as well as platform for business – it can drive sales, spread brand awareness and improve customer loyalty.

Whether you’re new to Social Media, or you have a strategy you’d like to take to develop, our team can help your achieve real results. We can assist you with the following:

  • Develop, Implement and Manage a social media strategy for your property
  • Set you up on the various social platforms such as FaceBook, Wayn and Twitter
  • Ensure your web site booking engine is on Facebook
  • Provide comprehensive reports on the growth of your social media strategy
  • Assist with site reviews and responding to site reviews
  • Analyse what your competitors are up to and what their reviews say
  • On going training in using the platforms and social media technology updates
  • Hotels that use Social Media to allow their customers to interact and share have a higher level or customer loyalty, repeat business and public perception.

Social media in the Hospitality Sector

Travel and the associated experiences have become one of the most popular subjects for Social media as reviews, travel comments, travel videos and photos which are shared through social networks. This consumer-generated content is regarded as more credible, un-biased and popular than content produced by tourism suppliers or Destination websites. Many Hotels do not respond to social media comments and this has a negative impact on their brand and bookings.

Travelling or staying at a hotel whether on business or leisure is a social activity – it is about getting out and interacting with the world- and with other travellers. Travelers will increasingly turn online for advice; recommendations and contacts provided by their fellow travelers and social network contacts- both via sites such as Trip Advisor and general social networks- and may simply search Twitter to see what people are saying about a particular destination or Hotel.

Online travel sales have surpassed offline sales in the US, a trend that is now being seen in Europe and Asia- with online travel sales exceeding US$100 Billion in annual sales making travel inventory the top selling product online.

Let us give you an online voice and an incredibly large audience through the effective use of social media.