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San Diego Social Media Marketing and Website Design Business Ola Moana Marketing is a business designed to help companies with internet marketing campaigns from top to bottom. We specialize in designing WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify online stores and Wix website designs. Ola Moana creates social media profiles, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), real estate photography, business video creation, business social media consulting and more.

We have created successful marketing campaigns for a wide variety of companies including Dunkin’ Donuts, Embassy Suites, Immigration Attorneys, Retirement Planners, Paddleboard Rentals, San Diego Wedding DJ’s, Personal Trainers, International Student Travel Operators, Hotel Concierge Websites, Professional Athletes, International Student Housing, Hotels, Resorts, Surf and Skate Shops, Charity Golf Tournaments, US China Lawyers, Golfjams Bluetooth Speaker Systems, Acupuncturists and many more.

Many of our current customers have faced challenges with their previous websites such as paying too much, not having the knowledge to maintain them, not knowing how to best use the sites and how to promote their websites once completed. What we offer for every website campaign is to create a successful marketing campaign that does not end with the completion of the website. Making a website is the easy part, the real work is the infrastructure created behind it to push the website out to the web to become visible and relevant to as many people as possible.

Most small businesses today can not afford a full time person to concentrate on their website and internet marketing that is necessary for today’s businesses to thrive. We are able to create and manage marketing campaigns for businesses at a fraction of the cost larger marketing firms or full time employees would cost. Created in October 2010, we already have a growing list of companies that we have created websites for and have began successful social media marketing campaigns. For each project, we create a dynamic website with constantly fresh content that requires minimal time to manage.

The website becomes the foundation for the marketing campaign that includes pushing content out to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, Linkedin and more…) to help promote the business message, branding and online credibility. This in turn creates a buzz about your business and begins to expand the audience listening to your message. This ever growing audience then creates the perfect platform to do e-mail marketing and big promotions such as Groupon and Living Social.

These are excellent tools for boosting or beginning a business. More websites and options are becoming available daily. Our job includes staying on top what is the newest, latest and greatest thing to help your business reach the success we all deserve.

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San Diego Social Media Marketing and Website Design Business Ola Moana Marketing is a business designed to help companies with internet marketing campaigns from top to bottom.