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PB Surf Shop

PB Surf Shop

Pacific Beach Surf Shop is where surfing got its start in San Diego. We opened in 1962 when the surf scene was just in its infancy. Since then, Pacific Beach Surf School has been a vital part of the Pacific Beach community. The old logo still conjures up images and feelings of “Good Vibrations” and dreams of riding waves! We have a longtime association with iconic surfboard maker and former owner Gordon and Smith Surfboards. Our roots run deep in the San Diego surf scene.

The surf tradition continues

In 1993 local surfer, an open ocean prone paddler and outrigger canoe man Randy Strunk took over the reins. Currently, Randy continues to run the store that connects with both locals and visitors. PB Surf Shop is not corporate but has a home-grown family feel to it. When you come in you can sense its authenticity.

We invite you to come in and spend some time with us while visiting San Diego. Or if you like, take a lesson and learn to surf, rent a surfboard, bike our wonderful boardwalk or just enjoy your day in Pacific Beach. We look forward to helping you create memorable and lasting experiences for you and your family!

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